Your dreams are filled with blood and gore. Luz. 24. Argentina . Cats. Astrology. Trips. Languages. Animals. Guitar. Violin. Music. Gothic. Punk. Post- Punk. Indie. Trip Hop. Cinema. Horror. Drama Winona Ryder. Cillian Murphy. Angelina Jolie. James McAvoy. Kris Lemche. Kate Winslet. Christian Slater. Girl Interrupted. On The Edge. Inside I'm Dancing. Virgin Suicides. Carrie. Hostel. House of Fools. Sur Le Seuil. Tv Series The X Files. Joan of Arcadia. Daria. America's Next Top Model. Lip Service. Friends. CSI Las Vegas. That 70s Show. Band of Brothers. House. Bones. Roswell. The Walking Dead. The Big Bang Theory. Apartment 23. Twin Peaks. American Horror Story. Fashion Kate Moss. Marjorie Conrad. Elina Ivanova. Vievienne Westwood. Alexander McQueen
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